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Meade King solicitors are a Bristol based solicitor firm specialising in Will drafting. Our solicitor will tailor your Will to meet your individual needs.

Currently, 74% of the UK population has not made a Will. A Will sets out who will inherit your estate. If there is no Will then your estate will be distributed under the intestacy rules.

These rules may not reflect your wishes and may not be tax efficient. A survey recently revealed that each year approximately 9,000 widow(er)s do not receive all of their spouse/civil partner's estate. Many of them have regrettably had to sell their homes. For peace of mind, it is advised that your solicitor drafts your Will to protect your family's assets.


Without a Will

Without your solicitor making you a valid Will, the following rules apply: -

Leaving a spouse/civil partner and children:

The spouse/civil partner will inherit all of the deceased's personal goods and up to £250,000 together with one half of the remainder of the deceased's estate (residuary estate)

The children will receive the other half of the residuary estate absolutely.

Leaving a spouse/civil partner without children

The spouse/civil partner will receive the whole estate.

Leaving a cohabitee with/without children

Cohabitees will have no right to benefit under the intestacy rules. They will not receive any of the deceased's estate. They may be entitled to make a claim against the deceased's estate, without any guarantee that the claim will be successful. If the deceased leaves children they will receive everything absolutely. If the deceased leaves no children then blood relatives will benefit from the deceased's estate

Will and property ownership

How you own your house/property and how you hold your bank accounts will also have a direct affect on what your spouse/civil partner/cohabitee will receive on your death.

Asking your solicitor to make a Will will ensure that your estate is inherited as you wish. It will also: -

- appoint the executors to distribute your estate in accordance with your Will,
- decide who you would like to act as guardians of your minor children and
- leave directions regarding your funeral wishes.

If you wish, our solicitor firm based in Bristol can act as your executors and will deal with the administration of your estate. Our solicitors will also store your Will in our Bristol offices free of charge on your behalf.


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